As an avid Formula One fan, Roderick Bond is no stranger to the racetrack. After filming a behind the scenes documentary recapping last year’s season, the Hollywood A-list actor has become a regular on the F1 circuit. “It’s the speed, the high stakes, the nanoseconds and the millimetres involved in securing victory that excite me the most,” Rod Bond said about F1 in a recent interview. “I’ve always enjoyed watching the races and admired the skill of the F1 drive, but watching a race live at the track is something else, it’s a whole new experience,” the Hollywood veteran added.

“I try to attend as many F1 races as I can each season, but sometimes my filming schedules doesn’t allow me to attend very many. I make a point of not missing Silverstone and have now been attending for the last five years,” he added.

After the 2020 F1 World Championship season was delayed by the global coronavirus pandemic, race organisers have been working on plans to fit as many races within the F1 calendar this year. As part of those plans, F1 bosses have agreed with the British Racing Drivers’ Club to host two races at Silverstone instead of one.

“This year will be even more exciting, twice the races, twice the drama and twice the festivities,” said Rod Bond, in response to news of the agreement between Silverstone and F1 bosses. “I’m not quite sure how things will tie in with the government’s plans to quarantine all international arrivals for two weeks, but if Silverstone can reach an agreement with F1, that says a lot,” added Rod Bond. While Formula One bosses have agreed to hold two races at Silverstone, details of how plans work out with government guidance on quarantine are yet to be resolved.