Actor Rod Bond Interviewed by Top Fraud Films

A-list actor Rod Bond is interviewed by Top Fraud Films, upon return to filming following the easing of lockdown restrictions. The wide-ranging interview touched upon various topics, from his battle with coronavirus to his new film The Tax Fraud of The Century. For the excerpt of the interview on Top Fraud Films, click here. In the excerpt from the interview below, Rod Bond reveals new details about his forthcoming fraud movie. Also, the actor takes us behind the scenes of the BBC One documentary series Rod Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC.

Top Fraud Films: Rod, what was it like to accompany HMRC officials on live investigations?

Rod Bond: It was very exciting, of course. The scammers from One Formula Projects LLP had thought themselves to be untouchable. They had the audacity to present themselves as upstanding citizens. For example, look at all the highly publicised charity work they presented themselves as doing. The massive animal shelter, the anti-knife crime campaign, the Cold War Tank Museum, these people made out as if they were new age saints. To see their fall, I must admit, was satisfying.

Top Fraud Films: You seemed to cover a lot in the documentary series, how much new material will there be in The Tax Fraud of The Century movie?

Rod Bond: Well, whereas the documentary series followed the HMRC investigation, the movie will focus on the fraudsters. As we know, the fraud empire operated by One Formula Projects LLP was extensive. What we didn’t show on the documentary were the inner workings of the outfit. The lavish parties at some of Cheshire’s finest estates such as Deansgreen Hall, the supercar collections that some of the executives had accumulated and even the so-called historical expert who helped them forge historical artefacts. There’s a lot yet to be told.

To be continued…