In one of the movement’s lesser publicised and tamer protests, actor Roderick Bond has supported BLM protestors at Dunham Massey. Earlier in the summer, the National Trust announced its decision to remove the famous Blackamoor sundial at the Cheshire property. Depicting a kneeling black figure wearing a leather skirt and holding a sundial, the statue is said to depict a moor, as opposed to a slave. However, the Blackamoor art trend, which was popular in the seventeenth and eighteenth century, was originally intended to reflect the opulence brought about by the slave trade. Following the killing of George Floyd in America, at the hands of police officers, the Black Lives Matter movement gathered speed. Across the whole of the United Kingdom, flash mobs assembled, with several instances of statues related to colonial figures being forcibly removed.

Roderick Bond, together with a few members of Manchester Black Lives Matter, gathered at Dunham Massey in recognition of the National Trust’s decision to remove the now offensive statue. In a joint statement, read by Roderick Bond, he said, “While we cannot eradicate our past, it is our duty to continue the legitimate debate over history, so we can learn for ourselves and prevent future generations from making the mistakes of our predecessors. I don’t think it’s in anyone’s interest to sugar coat or hide history, but to recognise the wrongs and focus on the rights, is a positive step towards a greater future.”

Since the Hollywood veteran’s return to the United Kingdom, Roderick Bond has supported a plethora of causes. As a known pet lover and animal rights activist, Bond has led numerous initiatives support animal welfare organisation. Responding to the knife crime epidemic which has grown rapidly across the UK, the actor has also thrown his weight behind anti-knife crime campaigns.