A-List Hollywood Actors Who Starred in TV Commercials Before They Were Famous

1988 – Brad Pitt – Pringles Who’d have thought Hollywood lothario and now veteran A-lister Brad Pitt first hit the small screen for this cheesy Pringles ad! Upstart actors have bills to pay too! 1993 – Mila Kunis – Lisa Frank Then ten-year old Mila Kunis starred in colourful Lisa Frank TV commercial, with a […]

Hollywood Auditions

Hollywood auditions are daunting. Waiting alongside swathes of hopefuls, preparing to face Hollywood’s biggest directors and producers, they are no easy task! This is just on the outside. Once you’re in, literally anything could happen, so stay prepared for anything! At an acting audition, you’re definitely going to have a casting director staring you down. […]