A-List Hollywood Actor Rod Bond Returns Home for Christmas

A-list celebrity, renowned personality, philanthropist and Hollywood actor Rod Bond returns home to Manchester for an action-packed Christmas period. In a rare interview with the world-famous actor, we discuss home, family and rumours, as Rod Bond gears up for Christmas. Over the course of several hours, we sat with Rod Bond, covering a range of […]

Hollywood Auditions

Hollywood auditions are daunting. Waiting alongside swathes of hopefuls, preparing to face Hollywood’s biggest directors and producers, they are no easy task! This is just on the outside. Once you’re in, literally anything could happen, so stay prepared for anything! At an acting audition, you’re definitely going to have a casting director staring you down. […]

Actor Rod Bond’s Memoirs: New York and Broadway

After some time with New York’s stellar Aperture Talent agency, I was quite quickly acclimatised to the New York acting environment. I was also equipped by the agency’s experts to take all the necessary steps to secure my Broadway career. I had enlisted to acting classes at the Juilliard School early on and I was […]

Rod Bond Wins Manchester Charity Half-Marathon for Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

In another accolade following a raft of Oscars, BAFTAs and numerous other film awards, Manchester actor Rod Bond organised and won the charity fundraising marathon held in support of Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. More than 200,000 people participated in the charity race, including numerous film and television celebrities and sport stars. In what […]

Actor Rod Bond stars in another runaway success!

Rod Bond, in an Oscar-nominated performance has once again lead an all-star cast to break all box office records for the second time in as many Hollywood movie successes. Co-starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Richard Gere, Steven Spielberg’s masterfully directed and expertly produced thriller drama has swept the board for this year’s Oscar nominations. […]