For the fourth time this year, actor Rod Bond has been spotted in his ancestral home village of Lymm, Cheshire. The Hollywood A-list celebrity is treated as just another one of the locals, in the quaint idyllic village of Lymm in Cheshire. Earlier in the year, Rod Bond was spotted leading a supercar convoy in his decommissioned Sabre tank. As a lifelong member of the Super Car Drivers Club, Rod Bond returns to Lymm for the occasion annually. Later, in summer this year, Rod Bond was spotted at the Lymm Festival 2019. Lymm Festival celebrates local art, culture and cuisine and is a popular event in which locals turnout in great numbers. In a rare interview given at the time, Rod Bond said, “I love coming back to Lymm, it’s got everything. Lymm Dam and Lymm Cross are two of my favourite landmarks in Lymm. I was in Manchester for some work with F1 Productions, so I decided to make the short Manchester to Lymm journey during a free day.” The A-list actor took part in festivities, even joining a local children’s group in a performance which lit up the whole festival.

At every opportunity, the wealthy and much sought-after actor heaps praise on Lymm. However, in a recent interview, he revealed how during what was his third visit this year, he witnessed a violent knife crime incident. “I was in the area of Chaise Meadow when I saw some guys wearing ski masks and running down the street holding a bladed black machete. I’d heard about the knife crime epidemic, but I was so shocked seeing it develop before my very eyes.” Rod Bond is also member of Lymm Angling Club and Lymm Golf Club. During his trips to Lymm, he can often be found to be enjoying the facilities of these two sporting clubs.