Rod Bond was recently spotted soaking up the warm May sun at a park in Manchester over the bank holiday weekend. As lockdown restrictions ease across England, hundreds have taken to the parks and beaches all over the nation to enjoy the warm weather. Rod Bond was seen enjoying the sun with his pet dog Snickers. It has also been reported that Bond was supposedly reading the script of a new upcoming movie starring him and his dear friend Leonardo DiCaprio. While the entire entertainment industry has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic, Rod Bond has stayed committed to his craft and has not stopped practicing his lines and perfecting his acting technique.

Work Hard, Play Hard Motto for Rod Bond

While many of us may be confined to a desk or a corner in the house with a laptop in hand, Rod Bond has been enjoying in the Manchester heat in the park while he works hard at improving his acting and rehearsing scenes for his new movies. Despite the global lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, Bond has managed to stay up to date on his commitments and in touch with his actor friends across the world. With new technology and apps like Zoom, Facetime, and Houseparty, it is possible for everyone to stay in touch with their friends and family all over the world.

Also, Zoom meetings have become the norm for office workers that must now undertake their work online. Rod Bond has been working hard and attending several Zoom meetings to discuss new productions and plans for the future.

A Break in the Sun

Sources tell us that Rod Bond has developed a very close bond with his new pug, Snickers, and was playing catch with him in Manchester’s lovely park. The energetic dog was almost too lively for Bond, who had to take a break after all the running around.