It’s been a long battle with the coronavirus, but now hope is shining on the horizon. Following the easing of lockdown measures, life should be returning to something like normal in the coming months. As you all know, I managed to beat Covid-19 myself, thanks to the brilliant team of NHS doctors, nurses and medical staff taking care of me. With that, I’m even more pleased by the news that the government has given the Formula One race at Silverstone the go ahead. As an avid Formula One fan, Rod Bond’s name has become synonymous with the world’s number one motorsport.

This year, instead of one race, Silverstone will be hosting two races, to catch up for time lost from this year’s Formula One season. Despite Formula One and the owners of Silverstone, the British Racing Drivers’ Club, reaching an agreement about the races, the government’s self-isolation rule on international passengers arriving to the UK threw the races in doubt.

However, as part of the government’s go ahead, the 14-day self-isolation rule will be waived for the purposes of the Formula One races at Silverstone. F1 bosses, as well as racing teams and government officials, have been working around the clock to ensure that the races are administered in the safest manner possible.

The BBC has reported that part of the measures to ensure safety from the coronavirus will see races held behind closed doors, with no public attendance. Race teams will be required to field only the minimum number of operational staff. Furthermore, a rigorous testing regimen will be established. Participants in the event will be tested prior to flying, fly only on specially chartered flights and will be regularly tested during the course of the events. Additionally, teams will be accommodated in separate hotels and will be forced to travel by bus, in order to reduce the number of possible contacts.