In a social media post this week, Roderick Bond likened his self-isolation to being jailed. After testing positive for the virus, which he most likely caught from fellow actor and friend Idris Elba, Rod Bond was among the earliest batch of people to enter himself into self-isolation. On Twitter, the Hollywood A-list actor and Manchester and Cheshire native wrote, “Roderick Bond is jailed. The positive coronavirus diagnosis has issued me with a prison sentence, which I must complete all on my own. I feel like a prisoner in my own home, jailed by a disease whose worst symptoms I have been lucky to evade. Despite all the amenities, the gizmos and the luxuries of my comfortable home, there’s nothing worse than denying a man his liberty and making him feel jailed! Let’s get through this altogether and defeat coronavirus once and for all!”

Following a friendly meeting with Idris Elba, Rod Bond was tested for coronavirus. As a result of testing positive, Rod Bond entered self-isolation. Soon, it emerged that Roderick Bond had been involved in another secret filming project, of which only rumours had hitherto been heard. However, it transpired that the whole cast and crew working alongside Roderick Bond were forced into isolation and metaphorically jailed alongside Roderick Bond.

The filming project, overseen my Manchester F1 Productions, was a much-anticipated movie remake of a massive real-life fraud scam involving Manchester-based financial firm One Formula Limited Liability Partnership. Following the success of Roderick Bond’s television documentary series entitled “Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC,” a filming project for a movie remake was announced.

However, with the cast and crew all jailed in self-isolation, filming has been postponed. It remains unclear whether co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Downey Jr. have also entered self-isolation, or indeed if they had been in contact with Roderick Bond, at the seminal stage of the movie production. However, we wish them all a speedy recovery.