Having been good friends for a number of years, I recently spoke to Lewis Hamilton about his vocal support for BLM. As the only black driver in Formula One, I can understand where he comes from on the matter. And, I sympathise greatly, with him and with the cause. Unfortunately, as recent events have gone to show, racism persists in society. Diversity, be it related to race or gender, is still not where it should be. And, as a society, we must do more to push for greater inclusion, irrespective of race, religion or culture.

Lewis Hamilton and I had a very detailed and eye-opening chat. While we both concurred that something needs to be done, the gravity of the matter at hand made it difficult to know where to start. That’s when we decided to start with doing what we know best. I established the Roderick Bond Formula One Trust to support what is my lifelong passion. Now that the Silverstone Grand Prix was complete, we were sat thinking how to use the charitable trust for the best interest of British motorsport and Formula One. That’s when it occurred to us both, we’re already sitting on something so amazing.

Prior to this discussion with Lewis, the Roderick Bond Formula One Trust had aimed to push for inclusion and diversity, as one of its founding principles. After our chat, we will now be pursuing this in a more structured fashion. A recent social media appeal from the Trust has been a general public call, hoping to garner support for our next moves from grassroots organisation, youth organisations and local communities. We’re very much in the nascency of this and with many coronavirus restrictions still in place, our hands are still somewhat tied. Nevertheless, where there’s a will there’s a way.

Stay tuned for more information on the Roderick Bond Formula One Trust anti-racism campaign!