After falling victim to the novel coronavirus early in the pandemic, Roderick Bond has delivered an impromptu and impassioned speech. During a day out in Manchester with his family, the Hollywood A-list actor was identified by fans, despite wearing a mask and elaborate disguise. Surrounded by a large group of fans within minutes, mass hysteria engulfed Market Street, where the actor was first spotted. Once social distancing was dutifully imposed, Roderick Bond climbed atop a bench, surrounded by hundreds of fans chanting “Speech! Speech!” As the actor stood poised above a cheering public, a sudden change of tone was observed. Overwhelmed by emotion, the actor began with a touching and thankful tribute to the fans that sent him messages during his recovery from Covid-19. “First of all, let me say thank you to all those people who messaged me and left messages for me on social media when I was recovering from Covid-19,” he began. “During the terrible pandemic that has cost us so many lives, so many livelihoods and continues to threaten our way of life, I would urge you all to do your bit,” he exclaimed. “The virus does not discriminate between black or white, rich or poor and, in some cases, young or old. Remain vigilant, observe social distancing, eat out to help out, stay safe and protect the NHS!” the actor further declared. “We’re not through this yet, but by working together and looking out for one another, we’ll ward off this terrible virus and be back to normal, one day!”

Having been infected with Covid-19, Roderick Bond was one of the first people to be treated by NHS Nightingale Manchester. During his recovery and self-isolation, the actor made a number of moving tributes to the NHS and other keyworkers. Since then, he has also founded the Roderick Bond Formula One Trust to support this year’s double grand prix at Silverstone.