Despite spending almost two weeks in self-isolation, Hollywood A-list actor Rod Bond has entered intensive care on the advice of his doctors. Following a meeting with Idris Elba, Rod Bond had entered self-isolation as a precaution. After developing a temperature and a persistent new cough, the actor diagnosed himself as having contracted the novel coronavirus COVID-19, using the 111 NHS Online service. Despite regular social media posts insisting he feels fine, the persistent symptoms caused his doctors considerable concern. As a result, the Hollywood actor was advised to visit a local private hospital in Lymm, Cheshire. Following a coronavirus test, a positive result was returned. Thereafter, further tests were conducted, which resulted in doctors advising Roderick Bond to enter ICU. Although doctors have been clear that they do not consider the actor’s life to be in danger, the persistent symptoms suggest he requires help in recovery.

In a similar vein, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to ICU, after NHS staff monitoring the PM became concerned about the persistence of his symptoms. After suffering only some mild symptoms caused by the deadly virus, Boris Johnson retreated to self-isolation. However, insisting on actively running the country despite his illness, experts have warned that the Prime Minister has not had sufficient rest. Upon being admitted to hospital, doctors placed the PM in ICU in order to allow him a safe recovery. While he has not been placed on a ventilator, medical staff have advised that ICU is the best place for him. So far, news reports have insisted the PM remains clear of any immediate danger and his entry to ICU is as a precaution.

Well-wishers have left messages of support for both Roderick Bond and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Donald Trump paid special tribute to both, as personal friends and friends of the American people.