One Formula Projects LLP

One Formula Projects LLP’s fraud empire was busted by Rod Bond during filming for Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC. While the criminals are behind bars, court proceedings have been delayed by the coronavirus lockdown. However, since the easing of restrictions the latest Rod Bond fraud movie based on the criminal empire has returned to filming. Supported by Manchester F1 Productions, and an all-star ensemble cast, filming recommenced earlier this week. However, the project remains cloaked in secrecy, as the involved parties remained silent on all fronts. While some information has been released, most information has only been corroborated by leaks and fans spotting supercars belonging to the leading actors.

Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC

Following the success of the Rod Bond fraud television documentary, the movie has been touted as a sequel. Among the sparse titbits related to the fraud movie’s plot, it has been repeated that it will focus on the lives of the fraudsters. While seemingly operating a financial firm specialising in tax, One Formula Projects operated the largest tax fraud empire in history. Coincidentally, Rod Bond had started shadowing a team of HMRC investigators for his documentary series, as they moved to act against the shady outfit. In dramatic scenes, the presenter followed HMRC officials as they unravelled the fraud empire.

Top Fraud Films

Speaking in an interview to the popular Top Fraud Films website, Rod Bond affirmed: “We’re very excited to get the project back on track. I feel great after recovering from Covid-19. We’ve streamlined the filming process to ensure we get it out on time, while maintaining social distancing. Also, we expect no further delays. I can exclusively confirm that the film will be ready for release at the very start of the new year.”

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