A-list celebrity, renowned personality, philanthropist and Hollywood actor Rod Bond returns home to Manchester for an action-packed Christmas period. In a rare interview with the world-famous actor, we discuss home, family and rumours, as Rod Bond gears up for Christmas. Over the course of several hours, we sat with Rod Bond, covering a range of topics past, present and future. These topics included:

  • The LA Auto Show from which he just arrived
  • His daughter’s pet rabbit that will be accompanying him on his travels
  • The local Manchester charity events he plans on taking part in upon his return home
  • A special performance at the Manchester Christmas markets
  • A special Christmas time visit to his ancestral village of Lymm in Cheshire
  • Rumours of an appearance in this year’s I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here

“It was as great as it always is,” said Rod bond with a beaming smile, talking of the LA Auto Show 2019. “I try to go every year, but when I’m tied down with filming commitments, that’s the only time I tend to miss it,” he added. On the rumours of an appearance on Britain’s I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here, the actor dispelled the public furore about his impending entry to the Jungle, “Well, I’m a little busy this year round, but if they give me a call next year, I should be available!” So, what does Christmas have in store for Rod Bond? “I’m planning on spending my first Christmas back in Manchester for the first time in years. There are a number of local charity events which I will be attending and supporting, as well as taking part in a special charity event on the sidelines of the Manchester Christmas markets,” the actor and veteran philanthropist added. “We’ve also got a special family trip planned to Lymm in Cheshire, where my family are originally from. It’s a special little place. The Bridgewater Canal and the quaint Lymm village shops were my favourite places when I was growing up.” As we hear the sounds of scurrying and scratching from a distant corner, Rod Bond exclaims, “That’ll be my daughter’s pet rabbit, Carrot. He’s a great character but does take some looking after!”