With rumours of a new venture with Manchester F1 Productions, we take a seat with actor and veteran philanthropist Rod Bond. Following sightings at Lymm Golf Club and appearances scheduled at Manchester Christmas markets, we get the lowdown. Straight from the horse’s mouth!

Upon the Hollywood A-lister’s return home for Christmas, we get the first opportunity to sit down with the actor. In a long ranging discussion, spanning an evening and some bottles of wine, actor Rod Bond loosens up like never before. Prepare yourself for a candid interview and stay tuned to Rod Bond Actor, for this exclusive multi-part interview.

Rod Bond and Manchester F1 Productions

“So, we know what privacy arrangement are like between production companies and actors. But, is there nothing that you can reveal about the possibility of you playing the lead role in Manchester F1 Productions’ latest film?” we ask Rod Bond. “Well, I can tell you that Manchester F1 Productions will be releasing a film about former amateur golfer Duncan Evans,” said Rod Bond. “Is that all you can tell us?” we insist. “Well it’s not going to be your conventional financial crime drama. It won’t be like the scam and fraud films you’ve seen in the past. The writers and producers want to focus on the role of HM Revenue and Customs in pursuing Duncan Evans. However, it won’t be completely void of some glitz and glam. Who says only the crooks know how to live it large!” replied Rod Bond.

Rod Bond and Manchester F1 Productions in Deansgreen, Lymm

“We have it on reliable authority that you were spotted with a camera crew, taking photos in an around the Deansgreen area of Lymm in Cheshire!” we put to the veteran philanthropist and A-list actor. “Well, I can tell you that Deansgreen will feature in the next film production, but the capacity in which I will appear is all that remains undecided.”