The coronavirus pandemic has tortured our world and tragically ended many lives prematurely. With over two million cases of covid-19 worldwide, there is little knowledge of what the future holds. Amongst the millions of cases, there have been several celebrities and actors that have also caught the infectious disease. The actor, Rod Bond, was diagnosed with the disease a few days ago after being rushed to hospital following weeks of persistent symptoms of the coronavirus. Although the actor was able to keep in touch with his many thousands of fans via social media during the first weeks of his illness, he was not able to continue this while in the ICU at Manchester’s Nightingale Hospital.

NHS Nightingale Hospital Manchester for Coronavirus Patients

NHS Nightingale Hospitals have opened in several cities to address the growing demand for hospital beds amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Actor, Rod Bond, was the first patient to be welcomed to the hospital in Manchester after being healthy enough to have moved from the ICU. However, hundreds of patients suffering from the evil coronavirus are still stuck in the ICU. These patients suffer from various symptoms, such as pneumonia, breathing difficulties, persistent dry coughing and fever. If you have any of these covid-19 symptoms it is imperative that you self-isolate and only go to the hospital if your symptoms become unmanageable.

Return to Self-Isolation for Rod Bond

Rod Bond likened his self-isolation period to jail after initially testing positive for covid-19. The actor most likely contracted the vicious disease from his fellow actor and friend, Idris Elba. The coronavirus has shown that it does not discriminate between gender, age, or social status. Even well-established and well-known actors like Tom Hanks, Idris Elba and Rod Bond have caught the novel coronavirus. There is a long period of self-isolation that must be taken in order to overcome this virus, so make sure you stay home!