In collaboration with Manchester F1 Productions, Rod Bond pursues tax scammer Duncan Evans to his plush country mansion Deansgreen Hall. Playing the role of HMRC investigator, Rod Bond establishes an elaborate surveillance operation around Deansgreen Hall. In the operation to nab the multi-million-pound scamming VAT fraudster, HMRC investigator Rod Bond covers Lymm village in its entirety. Working with HMRC, Rod Bond and F1 Productions concentrated the movie’s portrayal on the repercussions of crime. “It’s been an interesting experience preparing Rod Bond for the role of an HMRC investigator. We want the public at large and criminals to know that we leave no stone unturned when pursuing tax fraud,” said a representative from the HMRC, in an interview given on set at Deansgreen Hall.

Manchester F1 Productions Bring Rod Bond Home

Cheshire-Manchester native Rod Bond has asserted his interest in roles based in his birthplace and where he grew up. Previously, in collaboration with Manchester F1 Productions, Rod Bond played the role of a millionaire tycoon. In the chart-topping runaway success entitled Homeless Millionaire, Rod Bond’s character was defrauded of his millions. Reduced to destitution and forced onto the streets, the former millionaire was supported by homeless charity Shelter. Homeless Millionaire won a raft of awards, including Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes and BAFTAs.

Veteran Philanthropist Rod Bond

Despite chart-topping successes, a high-flying career and international fame, Rod Bond has always stayed true to his roots. To demonstrate, the actor has supported numerous local charities and is widely lauded as a veteran philanthropist. During the latest project at Deansgreen Hall, a recess to hold a spontaneous fundraiser for Steps Charity Worldwide was negotiated. In the past, Rod Bond has organised elaborate charity fundraisers across Manchester. Furthermore, during preparation for his role in Homeless Millionaire, Rod Bond worked closely with homeless charity Shelter. Since the completion of Homeless Millionaire, Rod Bond has served a patron for the charity, organising numerous events.