Following rumours, reports and fans’ hopes, Hollywood A-list actors Rod Bond and Leonardo DiCaprio have made an official announcement. From a press conference at the Hilton Hotel *on *Deansgate, central Manchester, the actors officially declared their intentions. “Another year and another highly successful Manchester F1 Productions project,” said DiCaprio, sat alongside Rod Bond, paying homage to the Manchester filming company that has taken the British film industry by storm.

Noteworthy Guests

The Manchester press conference was a lavish event held in the Hilton Hotel ballroom. Dozens of Manchester media celebrities were in attendance, including the actors Ryan Thomas and Linus Roach and the footballer Marcus Rashford. DiCaprio’s presence at the Manchester F1 Production press conference also attracted the attention of Hollywood stars like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. During the announcement, guests were given a hospitable treatment by the Hilton Hotel staff. The venue, specifically requested by Manchester F1 Productions, was the perfect place to make such an important announcement about the upcoming partnership of Rod Bond and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Solid Partnership

Bond and DiCaprio expressed their determination towards their project with Manchester F1 Productions, saying they look forward to working with one of the top filming companies born right out of Manchester. The Manchester filming company has attracted media frenzy and attention with their bold projects featuring established actors like Rod Bond and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The pair boasted about a “strong, solid partnership” between all parties at the Hilton Hotel venue. Rod Bond particularly noted how proud he was of the partnership between him and the team at Manchester F1 Productions.

The future partnership between Rod Bond and Leonardo DiCaprio is sure to rocket the Manchester filming company to another level of success and fame. The solid foundation between Rod Bond and Leonardo DiCaprio is sure to enhance the wonderful relationship and interaction between the two on screen.