Rod Bond is known to be a massive Formula One fan and has pledged £50,000 towards the Formula One race at Silverstone. With government approval, it was recently decided that the Formula One race at Silverstone would go ahead with no public attendance and strict measures being taken to control the spread of coronavirus as a result of the Formula One race. Rod Bond is an avid supporter and fan of the Formula One and donated this money to ensure the smooth running of the event and to ensure that they can follow the strict government guidelines.

Formula One recently released a statement detailing the plans of the race at Silverstone and it has been reported that strict measures will be taken to control the spread of the virus that has shut down the world for the past few months. Participants in the race will be tested before and during the course of the events. Coronavirus testing is not cheap – this is where Rod Bond comes in. As a huge supporter of Formula One, Rod Bond wanted to help to facilitate the race by donating towards testing to ensure that all participants and operational team members and other required to be present at the Formula One event will have proper testing available to them.

Coronavirus has stopped the world for the past few months and has taken far too many lives. There are fears of another peak looming as lockdown measures ease, therefore, it is even more important to stay vigilant. If lockdown measures are eased too quickly, the next peak may prove to be more deadly than the last. This is why testing and continuing to follow strict regulations, like the   event, are extremely important in ensuring the prevention of a second peak.