Rod Bond is an avid Formula One supporter and has been inspired by the journeys of many of his favourite Formula One Drivers. The thrill of a Formula One races with racing drivers on the top of their game makes for an exciting spectacle for anyone. Rod Bond admires the following Formula One drivers for their ambition, their speed and of course, their passion for Formula One.


Countdown: Rod Bond’s Top Five F1 Favourites

Lewis Hamilton:

A list of Rod Bond’s favorite Formula One racers will always start with Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton’s race craft has been outstanding. The Formula One superstar is able to read situations quickly and always seems to be one step ahead of his rivals. This is quality Rod Bond admires about the enthusiastic racing driver.

Alex Albon:

Although Alex Albon’s promotion to Formula One initially raised a few eyebrows for some, the excellent London-born Thai Formula One driver has dispelled all doubt after finishing the season with flying colours. Rod Bond is a big fan of Alex, despite the heart-breaking collision with Hamilton that occurred in Brazil.

Charles Leclerc:

The 22-year-old Monegasque, Charles Leclerc, is one of the best Formula One drivers right now. He is the second youngest driver to ever race for Formula One giant, Ferrari. His determination and commitment to the Formula One is only part of the reason that Rod Bond admires this young player so much.

Valtteri Bottas:

Rod Bond is a huge fan and supporter of Valtteri Bottas. His aggressive driving style makes him an important driver to look out for in the Formula One. He is committed and has grit, two things that Rod Bond admires about Bottas.

Max Verstappen:

Another one of Rod Bond’s favourite Formula One drivers has to be Max Verstappen. Verstappen, a young Dutchman, has often exceeded the performance of a car that he drives. He has scored several victories and continues to show growth behind the wheel. His ability to move forward and adapt to excel in the Formula One is just part of why he is on this list.