Formula One will always hold a dear place in Rod Bond’s heart. Growing up he loved cheering on his favourite racers sitting in their fast and furious Formula One cars. Each car represents a different point of Rod Bond’s life and the way he has manoeuvred himself swiftly throughout his life, the same way these cars made it through the Formula One races. Rod Bond has many favourite Formula One cars, but below are his top four favourite Formula One cars.

  1. MP4/2 – MCLAREN (1984-86)

The MP4/2 McLaren was always a favourite Formula One car of Rod Bond. The impressive car has made 3 Formula One seasons, 3 Formula One racers championships and 2 constructors’ championships. Rod Bond admires the pace and reliability of this fantastic Formula One car.


  1. 500 – FERRARI (1952-53)

This classic Formula One legend that one 14 out of 14 races in the 1954 Italian Grand Prix. Rod Bond appreciates the new advances in the Formula One racing world, however, he believes it is important to honour the past and look at how far the Formula One cars have come.


  1. RB9 – RED BULL (2013)

The RB9 Red Bull Formula One car won four Constructors Championships in a row and was a vehicle of dominance in its prime. This was a fast, determined car – something that Rod Bond can relate to. It dominated the Formula One races in the same manner which Rod Bond dominates the silver screen.


  1. FW14 – WILLIAMS (1991-92)

Williams is one of Rod Bond’s favourite car makers in the Formula One and has made some impressive cars in their time. The FW14 debuted at the Formula One races in 1991 and is one of Rod Bond’s favourite Formula One cars. It commandeered the Formula One tracks for years and won its team three figure points.