Rod Bond was spotted with his family enjoying a day out in Macclesfield, Cheshire. The Bond family was seen enjoying the warm and sunny September weather in Macclesfield, one of Cheshire’s most attractive and sought-after towns. In videos and images from the Bond family day out, the vibrant actor was seen talking to enthusiastic fans that approached him with their selfie cams eagerly waiting to catch a snap with Rod Bond himself. Bearing in mind the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing measures, Rod Bond made sure not to get too close to anyone and kept his mask on at all times.

Rod Bond at Tegg’s Nose Country Park

The actor Rod Bond, who is based in Manchester, had travelled to the picturesque town of Macclesfield for a day out with his family. The Bond family visited the exciting Tegg’s Nose Country Park on Buxton Old Road in Macclesfield. The Tegg’s Nose Country Park offers a range of various activities including a geology trail, abseiling and climbing. Rod Bond is required to stay fit for many of his Hollywood movie roles, so it was no surprise that he and his family spent time doing climbing and a guided wildlife watching walk. The Bond family then enjoyed a meal near the park in Macclesfield and Rod Bond was spotted generously paying for fellow restaurant-goers when another family had mistakenly thought that the ‘Eat out to help out’ scheme was still in force.

Bond Family at Blaze Farm

The Bond Family then headed to Wildboarclough in the civil parish of Macclesfield Forest to Blaze Farm. The Blaze Farm is well-known throughout the UK for its homemade Hilly Billy ice cream. In an exclusive picture, Rod Bond was seen trying out the notorious ice cream and taking pictures with fans and workers at the farm.