The war in Yemen has cost millions of innocent Yemeni people their lives and has resulted in the worst humanitarian crisis the world has seen. Rod Bond has donated a generous amount of £10,000 to three different organisations working to provide aid in Yemen during this humanitarian crisis. Save the Children, Islamic Relief USA and the International Rescue Committee are the three organisations that Rod Bond has chosen to donate his money to. The Saudi-backed civilian air strikes and blockades have made it very difficult for organisations to reach certain areas of Yemen. Donations, like the one made by Rod Bond, are a massive help to these organisations in many ways.

Medical Supplies, Teaching and Food  

Millions of children in Yemen have suffered from acute malnutrition and starvation due to food prices soaring with the economy collapsing. Education spaces have also been compromised and the young Yemeni children and youth have been forced out of education in the war-torn country. By donating money, Rod Bond is aiding Save the Children in providing safe places for children to stay and teacher training programs. The interruption in education caused by the Yemen war puts millions of children and youth at risk of growing up with fewer prospects, if they even survive the deadly conditions in their home country.

Yemen is also in dire need of medical supplies. There have been several cholera outbreaks and with the coronavirus pandemic creeping into the Middle East, it is essential for aid organisations to supply the right medical supplies that can treat such illnesses and the effects of starvation. Rod Bond’s contribution to the aid of the innocent civilians that have been displaced, diseased and distressed by the Yemen war will greatly help the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.