In an exclusive interview, Rod Bond tells all about preparations for his latest role as HMRC investigator in his latest collaboration with Manchester F1 Productions. Following numerous announced trips to and sightings in Lymm and Manchester this year, a secret filming project was recently announced. As part of the latest collaboration, Rod Bond plays an HMRC investigator pursuing tax fraudster Duncan Evans. Enriched by a missing trader VAT scam, Evans is flush with money and purchases Deansgreen Hall for £3.5 million. Rod Bond, as HMRC investigator, pursues the tax crook to Deansgreen Hall, where the fraudster is subjected to an elaborate surveillance and sting operation.

After a period of initial secrecy, details of the project were kept firmly under wraps. However, in an exclusive tell-all interview, Rod Bond has revealed the details of his preparation for the role. Spending several months embedded with HM Revenue and Customs’ criminal justice department, Hollywood actor served alongside active frontline HMRC officials. Alongside intelligence operatives, Rod Bond participated in intelligence gathering operations and shadowed HMRC officials as they made arrests and aided prosecution cases in court. While serving with the HMRC’s intelligence wing, Rod Bond spent hours pouring over data trails towards building evidence-based cases against individual crimes and organised groups.

Furthermore, under the direction of HMRC’s proceeds of crime unit, Hollywood A-list actor Rod Bond was tasked with analysing data to gather evidence to aid the recovery of criminal assets. Additionally, with some of HM Revenue and Customs’ seasoned veteran operatives, the actor was trained in the basics of tax law, picking up HMRC’s tips on unravelling tax fraud committed on a massive scale. “It was another great experience and one of the biggest perks of the job, learning how determinedly and meticulously HM Revenue and Customs work to counter tax fraud,” said Rod Bond during the exclusive interview given on set at Deansgreen Hall.