As people are finally hitting the streets again, Rod Bond has purchased a brand new supercar to welcome the post-lockdown vibe. Rod Bond indulged into the all-electric supercar, Apex AP-o. He purchased the ultra-sleek supercar from his favourite car dealer in the UK, Tom Hartley. Bond is a lover of fast cars that embody innovation. The Apex AP-o is an exclusive supercar and Rod Bond was given special privileges to purchase this magnificent vehicle for the first time in the UK.

All-Electric Supercar

The Apex AP-O is an electric supercar that will be built in the UK and is designed by a British man, Guy Colborne. Colborne is known for the Elemental RP1 supercar and is the mind behind the innovation of the Apex AP-o. Rod Bond is a good friend of Colborne and was therefore given exclusive rights to purchase the supercar despite it being released to the public in 2022.

The zero-emissions supercar is the latest in a list of electric supercar models that are being released worldwide. Some of the Apex AP-o’s supercar competitors include the Pinifarina Battista, Rimac C_Two, Dendrobium D-1 and Lotus Evija. The Apex AP-o offers more on-road comfort than any of its supercar competitors and even its diesel counterparts. This is extremely important to Rod Bond as he loves driving his many supercars and other luxury and exotic cars. Unlike other celebrities and royalty who may prefer to keep their cars in their garage, Rod Bond always takes his supercars out for a spin!

Fast and Furious Supercar

The Apex AP-o produces 650 bhp and 428 lb ft of torque and is capable of 0-62 mph in 2.3 seconds. The top speed of this supercar is 190mph. Apex have said that the supercar is not intended to be a hypercar, instead, it is designed to be light and fast. The Apex AP-o is the world’s finest zero-emissions supercar which is usable both on the road and also on the racetrack. This was extremely important to Rod Bond as he hopes to see the Formula One sporting world commit to a carbon neutral future.