Rod Bond has welcomed a new joyful bundle of life into his family by adopting an adorable, little pug! Bond has named the pug after his favourite chocolate treat, Snickers. This little pug was adopted just a few days ago and he has been nothing but a pleasant little pup since then.

Pugs at Dogs 4 Us

Rod Bond picked out Snickers from the furry selection of pups at the Dogs 4 Us animal store in Manchester. Bond gravitated towards the little pug for his playful and mischievous demeaner. Rod instantly knew that Snickers was the pug for him. The charming pug gave him a big wet pug kiss on the nose, tongue lolling and eyes bulging, and that’s when Rod Bond knew he fell in love with his best friend. He got acquainted with everything he needs to know about the pug breed, including the knowledge of the pug’s potential medical issues.

What to Know Before Getting a Pug

Pugs have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years, but they are prone to major health problems. Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE) and canine hip dysplasia (CHD) are just some of the health issues that can arise with pugs. Rod Bond was also told that Snickers might just follow him around everywhere he goes, shed a lot and that he can take time to house train. Pugs can be high maintenance but it’s worth it for the loving look in their eyes.

First Days with Snickers

Rod Bond’s first few days with his furry best friend Snickers have been nothing but joyful. He’s used his once-a-day government mandated walk to take his pug out for walks which Snickers loves as he is a very active pug. Bond has also noticed that Snickers has been munching on absolutely everything! From his leftover pasta to his Alexander McQueen sneakers, Snickers has a pretty big appetite for being such a small pug’.