The Silverstone Grand Prix has always had a special place in my heart. Every year, I would patiently wait for the day that my father announced that we would be waiving your Ferrari flags in the stands yet again. This was an important experience and one of my fondest memories with my father. My passion for the automotive industry and the Formula One racing world was most certainly inherited by my father. He was greatly invested in the racing world – he would read all the latest news about the racers, the cars, and the behind the scene action – and would ensure that we had the best seats every year at the Silverstone Grand Prix.

I can remember everything about my first Silverstone Grand Prix. From the roaring crowds to the talent on the track, the energy at Formula One events is unmatched. Every puncture, every dangerous brake, every turn on the Silverstone Circuit track kept the crowds captivated and waiting at the edge of their seat to see if their favourite driver would win. The unfathomable speeds and beautifully crafted cars on the iconic Silverstone Circuit make it easy to understand why this is the biggest British motoring event every year, and why it is such an important race to me.

Although the coronavirus pandemic has caused so much uncertainty and restriction on everything – including the Silverstone Grand Prix – this has not stopped the Formula One organisation and their fans to keep the spirit of the Grand Prix alive. The latest Silverstone Grand Prix looked starkly different to my first experience of the racing event. With every racer, team-mate, manager, and worker doing their best to try to minimize the spread of the fatal virus, an ambience of excitement still radiated from their mask-covered faces. I was not surprised at the performance of my dear friend and an inspiration to us all, Lewis Hamilton. He has made history with his talent and speed as well as his good sportsmanship – he is someone we can all learn from. It is racers like him that truly make the Silverstone Grand Prix what it is: the greatest British contribution to the Formula One world.