Manchester F1 Productions

Last year proved to be extremely fulfilling in so many ways. From family, to filming, future plans and lavish praise heaped upon me by my industry fellows. When I think back, it could not have been possible without the extensive efforts and support of Manchester F1 Productions. During filming in Lymm, Cheshire, I witnessed a shocking and rather gruesome knife attack. It left me shaken, fearful and quite deeply affected. As a result, the F1 Productions team spared no efforts in supporting me through the ordeal. From increased security, to counselling and a break in filming despite a tight schedule, I was looked after exceptionally well.

Steps Charity

If this wasn’t enough, the F1 team also supported my decision to hold an impromptu fundraiser for Steps Charity Worldwide. Based on Crouchley Lane in the Deansgreen area of Lymm, Steps provide information and support for childhood lower limb conditions. During filming at Deansgreen Hall, I came across the charity and was moved by their work. Despite operating on a small scale, the charity is the first port of call for those affected by childhood lower limb conditions. Thanks to the team at F1, we were able to rally considerable support for the cause. Executives at the production company also pledged a percentage of profits from The Deception at Deansgreen Hall, in support of the charity.

Plans for 2020!

Again, I can’t thank the team enough for the support, opportunities and assistance they have offered me. With the success we’ve witnessed from recent collaborative projects, I’m in no doubt that 2020 will prove to be even better! We’re going to keep even more tight-lipped about our upcoming projects, but I call all my U.K. fans to stay on the lookout. Rod Bond will be visiting a street near you!