With a plentiful variety of acting experience, I took what seemed at the time to be a major plunge. Broadway was good, and I made a lot of lifelong friends during my time in New York, but this was a step to a whole different league. From Broadway to Tinseltown, seemed like a step up to a whole different dimension. I had been meticulously making all the right moves, and trying to place every step right, but the dazzle of the bright lights was truly daunting. My course at the Juilliard School was complete. I had made enough successful appearances on Broadway to be recognisable or seem familiar to those in the know. I was confident in my progress and my abilities, as always.

Besides my focus on my skills, I was determined to enrich my acting career beyond a narrow focus on my skillset. With my CV enhanced by credentials as a Juilliard School alumnus and successful Broadway actor, I sought to make the most of my time in America. Upon my move to Los Angeles, I enlisted in offering my skills to youngsters through acting classes and workshops. Between volunteering, chasing auditions and taking classes of my own, I worked my way across local theatres and community television stations. It was exciting, enthralling, fascinating and an all-round riveting experience. I witnessed small productions, faced challenging briefs and was exhausted! But, and I tell this to anyone who’ll listen, my industrious efforts in those days were noted and many of the senior Hollywood executives that I went on to work with had heard my name from the most obscure sources!

On the one hand, I was polishing my skillset and expending hours and hours on building my acting career. On the other hand, I was listening, gathering information and plotting my big Hollywood break!