1988 – Brad Pitt – Pringles

Who’d have thought Hollywood lothario and now veteran A-lister Brad Pitt first hit the small screen for this cheesy Pringles ad! Upstart actors have bills to pay too!

1993 – Mila Kunis – Lisa Frank

Then ten-year old Mila Kunis starred in colourful Lisa Frank TV commercial, with a bright exuberance matching the company’s iconic eye-catching designs! Her spirited performance definitely caught a few eyes!

1980s – Leonardo DiCaprio – Bubble Yum

Even at a tender age, Leonardo DiCaprio delivered a well-executed and professional performance in this childhood skit. The TV commercial formed the basis of a career of enduring success.

1989 – Kirsten Dunst – Baby Doll Surprise

With beautiful blonde locks, a seven-year old Kirsten Dunst made her on-screen debut with a TV commercial for Baby Doll. In the cutest thing you’ll ever see, the actress plays with her doll with sophisticated professionalism.

1980s – Ben Affleck – Burger King

Delivering a burger to his sweetheart, Affleck heads the TV commercial campaign dubbed “Sometimes you’ve gotta break the rules.” With effectively delivered dialogue, sealed with a charming smile, Affleck’s TV commercial debut proved a resounding success.

1990s – Steve Carell – Brown’s Chicken

Playing the stereotypical fried chicken shop manager, Steve Carell delivered the TV commercial role with the same comedic exuberance that has propelled him to glorious heights of unforgettable success!

1987 – Bruce Willis – Seagrams Wine Coolers

Filmed during the production of ABC’s comedy hit Moonlighting, in which Willis starred as a private detective, the Seagrams TV commercial shows a lighter side to the Die Hard series protagonist.

1982 – Jack Black – Pitfall

With a wild-eyed look and animated antics, Jack Black had the zany spark that he maintains today, since a young age! In the Atari game Pitfall’s TV commercial, the world saw its first glimpse at this excitable streak!