Working under Manchester’s biggest filming company F1 Productions, alongside Hollywood royalty, investigators from Ravenstone UK have now joined the mix. The Tax Fraud of the Century follows on from

’ hit documentary series Roderick Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC. In this cinematic offering, the filming company has promised a cross between “Mission Impossible, James Bond and Luther.” The high-stakes, real-life crime drama is set to expose further details of what investigators called ‘the tax fraud of the century.’ Manchester financial firm One Formula Projects LLP stand accused of committing an elaborate tax fraud scam, which involved Manchester’s richest footballers, charitable organisations and businesses across the city. As the television documentary showed, HM Revenues and Customs took the financial firm to task, under the spotlight of a major tax fraud investigation. However, what was not revealed on the documentary series was the role played by Greater Manchester fraud investigation firm Ravenstone UK.

What is Ravenstone UK?

Ravenstone UK started life as insurance claims consultants, growing into one of the country’s largest. However, a slew of successes led the Greater Manchester-based company to a considerable expansion of their operations. Around the time of the new millennium, Ravenstone UK expanded into the fraud detection market, saving their clients millions. With considerable experience working alongside HM Revenue and Customs, Ravenstone UK became a trusted partner.

One Formula Projects Tax Fraud Empire

Ravenstone UK entered the One Formula Projects fraud investigation case from the very start. Tipped off by forgeries at a Cold War Tank Museum, it was Ravenstone UK’s diligent intelligence-led approach which connected the dots lucidly enough to rouse the interest of HMRC. We spotted early on in the case, watching Ravenstone UK do their work, how the combination of good old-fashioned detective work with their use of state of the art spy software would make for a gripping watch.