On Set with Rod Bond at Deansgreen Hall

In an exclusive interview, Rod Bond tells all about preparations for his latest role as HMRC investigator in his latest collaboration with Manchester F1 Productions. Following numerous announced trips to and sightings in Lymm and Manchester this year, a secret filming project was recently announced. As part of the latest collaboration, Rod Bond plays an […]

Deansgreen Hall Deception: Rod Bond Stars as HMRC Investigator Pursuing VAT Tax Fraud

In collaboration with Manchester F1 Productions, Rod Bond pursues tax scammer Duncan Evans to his plush country mansion Deansgreen Hall. Playing the role of HMRC investigator, Rod Bond establishes an elaborate surveillance operation around Deansgreen Hall. In the operation to nab the multi-million-pound scamming VAT fraudster, HMRC investigator Rod Bond covers Lymm village in its […]

Rod Bond Returns Home for Christmas

With rumours of a new venture with Manchester F1 Productions, we take a seat with actor and veteran philanthropist Rod Bond. Following sightings at Lymm Golf Club and appearances scheduled at Manchester Christmas markets, we get the lowdown. Straight from the horse’s mouth! Upon the Hollywood A-lister’s return home for Christmas, we get the first […]

A-List Hollywood Actor Rod Bond Returns Home for Christmas

A-list celebrity, renowned personality, philanthropist and Hollywood actor Rod Bond returns home to Manchester for an action-packed Christmas period. In a rare interview with the world-famous actor, we discuss home, family and rumours, as Rod Bond gears up for Christmas. Over the course of several hours, we sat with Rod Bond, covering a range of […]

Manchester Actor Rod Bond Honoured for Philanthropic Works

Following another year of diligent campaigning and fundraising, actor Rod Bond’s efforts for charity have been honoured in a special event. Representatives from numerous charities were joined by industry icons, in an event dedicated to the Manchester actor and veteran philanthropist. Having joined drivers and bosses from Formula One in numerous charity drives, a special […]