Despite the problems of my early acting career, and the limbo I felt suspended in during my adolescence.

Today, I sit back, pouring over my own career of excess, success, fame and fortune to the child stars of now: from precocious talents to multimillionaires, icons and brand names. The rise to the top seems to be getting steeper, sharper and quicker. From unknown, to renown. From nothing at all, to everything one could […]

These tales of the destruction of precocious talents abound, taking lives as well as careers with them.

Take, for instance, child actor extraordinaire Lindsay Lohan. Thrust under the spotlight at the age of just three years old, Lindsay started off her career in showbiz with a Ford Models contract and won very high-profile work with big name brands such as Calvin Klein Kids and Abercromie. She was an instant success and secured […]