Hollywood Auditions

Hollywood auditions are daunting. Waiting alongside swathes of hopefuls, preparing to face Hollywood’s biggest directors and producers, they are no easy task! This is just on the outside. Once you’re in, literally anything could happen, so stay prepared for anything! At an acting audition, you’re definitely going to have a casting director staring you down. […]

Actor Rod Bond’s Memoirs: New York and Broadway

After some time with New York’s stellar Aperture Talent agency, I was quite quickly acclimatised to the New York acting environment. I was also equipped by the agency’s experts to take all the necessary steps to secure my Broadway career. I had enlisted to acting classes at the Juilliard School early on and I was […]

Behind the Scenes of Rod Bond and Ridley Scott’s Hollywood Hit Homeless Millionaire (2016)

Manchester and Cheshire We are offered exclusive access behind the scenes of what’s expected to be 2016’s hit movie, featuring British actor Rod Bond and legendary director Ridley Scott. Set in the contrasting locations of the city of Manchester and Cheshire’s most plush country estates, the movie depicts some of Manchester’s most iconic landmarks. From […]

British Independent Movie

Actor Rod Bond stars in British independent movie set across various parts of the UK. As we follow his fictional reprisal of Robert Muzar, played by Bryan Carston in the 2016 Hollywood hit, The Infiltrator, we are presented with a fictional action thriller based on the infamous undercover U.S. Customs special agent who busted Pablo […]

The Fraud and The Fraudster

In what we’re sure will be this year’s hottest action film, British cult favourite, actor Rod Bond stars in Quentin Tarantino’s latest historic-fictional blockbuster, The Fraud and The Fraudster. Based in the quaint rural setting of England’s north west, famed for its historical contributions to industry which are immortalised in the swathes of stately homes […]

My own experiences tell me how tough life can be as a child actor.

As a child, you don’t see it as such, and you’re swept away in the fun and superficial glamour. But, day-to-day, there is a world of pressure on shoulders too young to even understand it. Psychologists argue that as long as a child has boundaries, limits, a routine and other semblances of a normal childhood […]


The casting limbo in which I found myself, lingered for some despite some early successes following my earliest stint in theatre. I was cast for two commercial acting jobs, which were advertisements focussed squarely on and revolving around my performance. I remember feeling proud to be an ambassador for branded products that held some prestige […]


Thinking back, my father’s concerns were quite justified. What if the acting work I was so determinedly pursuing dried up all of a sudden? What if they found another, younger, better child actor to take my place? What if a more precocious talent was already waiting in the wings? And all the while I was […]