Roderick Bond has been spotted on set accompanied by his pet pug, Snickers. Named after his favourite chocolatey treat, Roderick Bond’s new pug joined him on set during filming for The Tax Fraud of the Century. With filming commencing under strict social distancing protocols, the crew and cast members maintained their distance from one another, as baby pug Snickers was kept close by Roderick Bond, at all times. The Hollywood A-list actor introduced Snickers to the world on his Instagram page, which featured a photo of the cute pug puppy mid stride surrounded by blades of grass.

According to social distancing regulations, Roderick Bond was unable to allow other members of the cast and crew closer to Snickers, as they cooed over the puppy from afar. Co-star Leonardo DiCaprio was seen fawning over the puppy, as it is rumoured that he will be adopting a pug soon. The stars and crew behind the new Manchester F1 Productions movie have reunited after a long break in filming caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The Manchester-based filming company recently announced plans to return to filming after the extended break, in strict accordance with government-legislated social distancing regulations.

The Tax Fraud of the Century follows an independent fraud investigation company which helped HM Revenue and Customs bring down a real-life tax fraud empire. Formula One Projects LLP operated a range of charities and businesses as part of the scam to claim fraudulent tax reliefs and tax rebates. The movie comes as a sequel to the popular BBC One documentary series Roderick Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC, in which the Hollywood actor followed HMRC investigators pursuing One Formula Projects LLP.

Roderick Bond is an avid pet lover and, prior to adopting Snickers, expressed considerable fondness for pugs. He is also an avowed animal welfare activist and has contributed greatly to animal welfare charities.