It’s been a very strange start to the year and the worst is far from over. But, I think now is the time to regroup and refocus the positive energy. We’ve already come a long way, from the wild coronavirus infection rates of mid-March, the collective effort has indeed helped to flatten the curve. We’ve lost more than 30,000 people to this deadly coronavirus, but for us who have survived, we must learn from their sacrifices. Our NHS, our NHS staff and keyworkers who have helped the country keep ticking in these difficult times must be remembered. The elderly, the vulnerable, those who are at risk, those who will require shielding for much longer to come, we must all come together to take care of them and support them through this coronavirus pandemic

Following Boris Johnson’s announcement, a return to work has now finally been mentioned. With Manchester F1 Productions, we have worked diligently on preparing safe systems of work for the filming of our latest movie The Tax Fraud of the Century. With high profile actors, a crew of a couple hundred and at-risk people in the mix, we’ve worked closely with experts in risk management and workplace wellbeing.

I can also report that despite concerns over filming in such circumstances, with social distancing protocols in place, filming for The Tax Fraud of the Century is proceeding much better than expected. As previously reported, some amendments were made to accommodate social distancing measures and maintain the wellbeing of everyone involved.

As we mourn the losses wrought upon by the deadly coronavirus, we stand in solidarity with the grieving families and the frontline NHS workers who are battling COVID-19. It’s already been a difficult year, but with the battle before us, we must remain resolute. Stay alert. Control the virus. Save lives.