Today, I sit back, pouring over my own career of excess, success, fame and fortune to the child stars of now: from precocious talents to multimillionaires, icons and brand names. The rise to the top seems to be getting steeper, sharper and quicker. From unknown, to renown. From nothing at all, to everything one could wish for. And this is not just as a child actor, a singer, a performer but even just as spectacles, children are thrust before the limelight with the threat of virality looming large. Instant overnight successes can today cross the globe and receive millions of views in a matter of hours, and in some cases minutes. The steep rises to stellar status, the overnight fortunes of millions and millions and the fact everything is laid on the line during the limbo between childhood and adolescence, makes me count my blessings and thankful for the lull in my own acting career, at that crucial time of my development towards manhood

Take for instance, Macaulay Culkin. The performance, the acting, the role of Kevin McCallister and his delivery of it all propelled him to stardom so early on in his career. Left home alone by his family, staving off the bad guys, time and again, with his youthful innocence, endeared him to hearts all over. However, an acrimonious custody battle over the riches he gathered as a child, his estrangement from his father and drug problems which saw him arrested and convicted in 2004, must have left more of a mark than he would care to let on. Examples of the rise and fall of precocious child actors and talents abound and the very virality that, in some cases, granted them the stellar status which they enjoy, also shatters the images they seek to project to the world.