Not even a week goes by and the rumour mill starts churning, this time about a possible movie remake of the One Formula tax fraud investigation. There’s been talk of Ridley Scott being called in to direct it, an ensemble cast playing the One Formula executives and even talk of Rod Bond taking a back seat to produce the movie rather than lead star! Well, if you want to know the truth, and you’ve come to the right place for it, all I can reveal for now is that this is purely speculation!

Yes, Manchester filming company, F1 Productions, have been contemplating an ensemble cast. The One Formula tax fraud case was basically operated by a financial advisor, city trader, insurance advisor, a former police officer and a former Wales rugby international. All were powerful personalities and they were equally complicit in the tax fraud, so preliminary discussions have indeed included mention of an ensemble cast. Robert Downey Jr., Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio are all names that have been mentioned. But, the real question is, will Rod Bond be taking a back seat and overseeing production, rather than lead-starring?

The answer is a categorical no. With the relationship as it is between myself and the F1 filming company, it goes without saying that I intend to lead star any production I’m involved in. While I may have some influence on production, I’m definitely more comfortable playing the lead actor. However, while we’re in the initial stages of planning the One Formula tax fraud movie remake, I’m not exactly sure where I fit it. After following HMRC investigators for the BBC One documentary “Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC,” I think I need a little time to reorient my perspective on the case.