Manchester and Cheshire

We are offered exclusive access behind the scenes of what’s expected to be 2016’s hit movie, featuring British actor Rod Bond and legendary director Ridley Scott. Set in the contrasting locations of the city of Manchester and Cheshire’s most plush country estates, the movie depicts some of Manchester’s most iconic landmarks. From the Spinningfields financial district, to the vast expanse of luxury that is the Lyme Park Estate, the movie aptly pays homage to its location and setting.

From Millionaire to Homeless

Rod Bond plays the role of millionaire businessman and property tycoon Alan Huntington, whose heart-wrenching riches-to-rags story promises to be a gripping watch. As we accompany Rod Bond on set, the actor speaks of his love for the story. “I liked how a millionaire, with a multi-million-pound property portfolio, was to be left destitute by fraudsters amid a conspiracy led by corrupt HMRC officials. It’s been challenging,” the actor stated. Following Rod Bond during filming for a week, we witness the actor in the various guises he appears on screen. From the grand surroundings of Lyme Park and Tatton Park, to homelessness and rough sleeping, the scenes make for a heart-rending watch.

Homelessness and Shelter, Manchester

In preparation for the role, Rod Bond spent a lot of time with the homelessness and housing charity Shelter. During this period of preparation, Rod Bond became a volunteer and activist for the charity. “I worked closely with Shelter’s staff and, having spent a lot of time with Manchester’s homeless, I hope that the movie brings their plight to greater prominence,” Rod Bond said, with visible determination. Chief executive of Shelter, Polly Neate, said, “It’s great to have high-profile people like Rod Bond with us. He’s got a lot of good ideas which he has volunteered to help us with. The winter soup kitchen in Manchester is already in the pipelines.”