The tax fraud case of One Formula LLP has been a very interesting one to watch up close. With the combined expertise of a financial advisor, a city trader, an insurance advisor, a former Wales rugby international and a former police officer, the company boasted considerable credentials. Perhaps they might have even thought too highly of themselves and felt they wouldn’t have been caught. However, during filming for my recent documentary “Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC,” it was clear to me how diligently HM Revenue and Customs sought to pursue the case. In light of that, it seemed a very audacious attempt from One Formula bosses, to scam HMRC and dupe their investors, on such a massive scale.

Filming for the documentary series went smoothly. As always, HMRC investigators were great too. There was lots of footage that didn’t make the final cut, due to time constraints and narrative consistencies, but I think the public definitely wants to see more of what they did on the documentary. We’ve already filmed a follow up episode in which I look closely at the criminal case against One Formula and its outcome. A round-table discussion with legal representatives who participated in the case trawls over the criminal case in details. Alex White, from the Crown Prosecution Service, Jane Bewsey who as prosecuting against One Formula and Joanna Korner, who sentenced the tax scammers, all feature in the follow up episode.

However, with the documentary’s popularity, I feel the public’s appetite has been whetted for some more. I think there’s definitely enough material for a movie and the bosses at Manchester filming company F1 Productions agree with me too. While I won’t proclaim an announcement here about a new movie project, I can see it as going in that direction. So, stay tuned for more information on a new fraud movie brought to you by Roderick Bond and Manchester F1 Productions!