Hollywood auditions are daunting. Waiting alongside swathes of hopefuls, preparing to face Hollywood’s biggest directors and producers, they are no easy task! This is just on the outside. Once you’re in, literally anything could happen, so stay prepared for anything! At an acting audition, you’re definitely going to have a casting director staring you down. You might also be faced by a producer, a camera operator, a dance choreographer, or a musical director! The shabbily dressed guy, teetering on the sidelines and not saying much, may very well be the producer. So, do yourself a favour and make sure to treat everyone with courtesy and respect. Also, after they’ve sat through potentially hundreds of auditions, delivered by various degrees of talent, be sure to maximise your opportunity to win the role. Keep your introduction short, have your headshots and resume on hand in case you’re asked for them and make sure to give your best smile to the camera in case they are taking photos of hopefuls. The long and short of any acting audition is that, the easier you make the casting director’s job, the better your chances of selection will be.

Familiarise yourself with some industry parlance, if you’ve not had many auditions before. For example, at a TV commercial audition you may be asked by the casting director to slate! This is just a prompt for you to state your name, and maybe the talent agency that represents you. You may then be ordered to “go,” “start” or “action.” Of course, it’s wise to remember that when auditioning for movies, TV shows or theatre, you may be asked to stand, walk or sit. This is where improvisation classes come in especially handy!