Rod Bond Wins Manchester Charity Half-Marathon for Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

In another accolade following a raft of Oscars, BAFTAs and numerous other film awards, Manchester actor Rod Bond organised and won the charity fundraising marathon held in support of Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. More than 200,000 people participated in the charity race, including numerous film and television celebrities and sport stars. In what […]

British Independent Movie

Actor Rod Bond stars in British independent movie set across various parts of the UK. As we follow his fictional reprisal of Robert Muzar, played by Bryan Carston in the 2016 Hollywood hit, The Infiltrator, we are presented with a fictional action thriller based on the infamous undercover U.S. Customs special agent who busted Pablo […]

Actor Rod Bond stars in another runaway success!

Rod Bond, in an Oscar-nominated performance has once again lead an all-star cast to break all box office records for the second time in as many Hollywood movie successes. Co-starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Richard Gere, Steven Spielberg’s masterfully directed and expertly produced thriller drama has swept the board for this year’s Oscar nominations. […]

Rising Child Actor Rod Bond Steals the Show at Television Awards

Sweeping up a swathe of awards, child actor Rod Bond stole the show at yesterday’s British Academy of Film and Television TV Awards. At the tender age of 15, as his stock continues to rise, Rod Bond won several awards, bagging prizes for the following categories: Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Newcomer as well […]

Child Actor Rod Bond Makes Coronation Street Debut

In a heart-wrenching storyline which has gripped a nation, child actor Rod Bond has been lauded following his debut Coronation Street performance. Possessing precocious acting ability, Rod Bond has already proven himself on stage, with successful theatrical performances delivered before the discerning audiences of the Palace Theatre and the Royal Exchange. Today, we visit the […]

The Fraud and The Fraudster

In what we’re sure will be this year’s hottest action film, British cult favourite, actor Rod Bond stars in Quentin Tarantino’s latest historic-fictional blockbuster, The Fraud and The Fraudster. Based in the quaint rural setting of England’s north west, famed for its historical contributions to industry which are immortalised in the swathes of stately homes […]

Despite the problems of my early acting career, and the limbo I felt suspended in during my adolescence.

Today, I sit back, pouring over my own career of excess, success, fame and fortune to the child stars of now: from precocious talents to multimillionaires, icons and brand names. The rise to the top seems to be getting steeper, sharper and quicker. From unknown, to renown. From nothing at all, to everything one could […]

My own experiences tell me how tough life can be as a child actor.

As a child, you don’t see it as such, and you’re swept away in the fun and superficial glamour. But, day-to-day, there is a world of pressure on shoulders too young to even understand it. Psychologists argue that as long as a child has boundaries, limits, a routine and other semblances of a normal childhood […]