The casting limbo in which I found myself, lingered for some despite some early successes following my earliest stint in theatre. I was cast for two commercial acting jobs, which were advertisements focussed squarely on and revolving around my performance. I remember feeling proud to be an ambassador for branded products that held some prestige […]


Thinking back, my father’s concerns were quite justified. What if the acting work I was so determinedly pursuing dried up all of a sudden? What if they found another, younger, better child actor to take my place? What if a more precocious talent was already waiting in the wings? And all the while I was […]

Rod Bond is an actor based in Manchester, United Kingdom. He specialises in commercial, theatrical, television and movie productions.

Possessing a vivid and vibrant personality, actor Rod Bond is a versatile talent, with many facets, dimensions, much creativity and shining stellar ability. Natural charisma, personable charm, inherent star quality, dedication and imagination have endowed Rod Bond with brim-full banks of personality and character, to exude in any role. A born performer, an entertainer and […]