Actor Rod Bond wins million pound case against HMRC over Sky contract

In what became a tussle between a TV favourite and the HMRC, Rod Bond won a row over a multi-million-pound tax bill with the HMRC. Centred around a contract Rod Bond signed with Sky in 2011, the HMRC sent a tax bill for £2 million for his work with Sky in that period. Owing two-thirds of that amount in income tax, and the remainder in national insurance contributions, Rod Bond was hit with the massive tax bill unexpectedly. “In all honesty, I didn’t see the tax bill coming. I thought the correspondence from the HMRC was fake, at first. I thought I was being subjected to a tax scam, or a cruel joke,” said Rod Bond in an exclusive interview. “The amount of income tax the HMRC demanded was staggering,” the actor and veteran philanthropist added.

Rod Bond was contracted to working for Sky through a company administered by him and his wife. The tax row with the HMRC centred around whether he held an employer-employee relationship with Sky, or whether his services were provided as part of a contract for work. During the tribunal, Judge John Smith ruled that Rod Bond appeared as a “theatrical artist” meaning that any payments made to an agent would be permissible as a tax-deductible expense. Rod Bond explained, “All parts of the Sky show constitute a performance. I’m not hired as an employee, I’m hired to portray a persona, a theatrical persona who has its own traits. The original contract with Sky has me delivering that theatrical persona as a service, which is provided through an agent.”

Rod Bond’s public row with HMRC ended in a rare defeat for the government agency. An army of fans applauded their on-screen icon in its wake.

Actor Rod Bond’s Memoirs: From Broadway to Hollywood

Now, you might think a jump from Broadway to Hollywood is quite some feat! But, what you won’t realise is the long list of household names that have made it. Take for instance, Nick Jonas. Prior to his fame in the Jonas Brothers pop band, Nick Jonas had featured on Broadway in Les Miserables, Beauty and the Beast and Annie Get Your Gun. Nathan Lane is another icon of the stage who showed up in Hollywood, following lengthy service on Broadway. Lane’s most popular productions include Present Laughter and Guys and Dolls. On-screen, he is best known for The Lion King and The Bird Cage.

As a young upstart in New York, Rod Bond was known as the cheeky British boy with the quirky Manchester accent. I struggled with adjusting to New York but enjoyed every minute of my time. I enlisted at the Juilliard School soon after my arrival and made many friends there who went to share my later glorious successes. One of my best and earliest friends was Christine Baranski, a fellow student at the Juilliard School’s drama department. We were inseparable. Where Rod Bond went, Christine Baranski followed, and vice versa. Christine was another Broadway success, debuting in 1980 in Hide and Seek, she worked on numerous film and TV projects. I have to admit, Christine was the one to push me from the Broadway stage and on-screen in Hollywood.

In case you’re wondering, Hugh Jackman also started life on stage in Australia and then on Broadway, before making it big in Hollywood starring as Wolverine in the X-Men in 2000. The list is endless and I’m sure there are many more stars in the making who will follow in these illustrious footsteps to make the transition from Broadway to Hollywood.

Actor Rod Bond’s Memoirs: New York and Broadway

After some time with New York’s stellar Aperture Talent agency, I was quite quickly acclimatised to the New York acting environment. I was also equipped by the agency’s experts to take all the necessary steps to secure my Broadway career. I had enlisted to acting classes at the Juilliard School early on and I was reassured by how satisfied my teachers were with my early progress in adapting to the Broadway style. I had also taken dance classes at the Broadway Dance Center in New York. It took some adjustment, but I soon understood what success in Broadway would require. With my thick Mancunian twang, I had some struggles with my voice coach. I was told I’d require a dialect coach too, in order to master various American dialects. It was a challenge, and it took me some time to master. But, it was a rewarding experience as my vocal repertoire grew exponentially. The one clear advantage that I did have, when arriving in New York, was my resume stretching back to my earliest performances in Manchester’s Palace Theatre and the Royal Exchange.

Many of the native hopefuls arrived equipped with little more than dreams and aspirations. Having grown accustomed to star treatment in my home city of Manchester, I was taken aback by the blasé attitudes of New York’s directors. Lacking animation, clearly expressed instructions and long line-ups of backup actors for roles, it was quite a cultural shock that I experienced when faced by directors in New York. Aperture Talent did wonders for my promotion package and took care of all its aspects. My headshots, I felt, were as good as they could be. My resume was excellent, and I was satisfied with the number of auditions they secured for me as part of my deal.

Rod Bond Memoirs

When I decided to finally disprove all the doubters and leave Manchester for the bright lights of New York, I knew I was going to be in for a very tough time. Everyone had advised me against it, the plethora of acting talent, the failures, the has-beens and then the likes of me…not really knowing what I’m letting myself in for and armed with a passion for acting, performance, theatre and drama. My Broadway plans were, of course, grandiose. I’d land on American shores, take a cab from the airport to Manhattan. I’d walk straight into Broadway, with my carefully assembled portfolio, and be performing at one of the Theater District’s world-famous venues within a week.

I had done a stint in London’s West End, where I met performers who had also appeared in Broadway and Off-Broadway. But, to my shock and surprise, the New York acting circuit was hardly comparable to London. A million miles from home, one of the few young English aspirants and surrounded by phenomenal and multi-skilled talent, I knew I needed to up my game in order to have a chance in the cut-throat competitive atmosphere of Broadway. My initial thought was, acting classes, singing classes, dance classes! Everything! But then, with little more than a few hundred pounds to my name, I decided I would spend some time finding the right drama school. It came down to a choice between the Juilliard School and the Tisch School of the Arts. They were both conveniently located, and both were highly reputable and, in fact, recommended by the more successful talent that I came across during my initial time in New York.

As I took some time away from pursuing acting, and sought to focus on Broadway, I inadvertently signed up to Aperture Talent, who represent some of the biggest names in American film and television. Somehow, and I still don’t quite understand it, my big break in America came extremely fortuitously…

Behind the Scenes of Rod Bond and Ridley Scott’s Hollywood Hit Homeless Millionaire (2016)

Manchester and Cheshire

We are offered exclusive access behind the scenes of what’s expected to be 2016’s hit movie, featuring British actor Rod Bond and legendary director Ridley Scott. Set in the contrasting locations of the city of Manchester and Cheshire’s most plush country estates, the movie depicts some of Manchester’s most iconic landmarks. From the Spinningfields financial district, to the vast expanse of luxury that is the Lyme Park Estate, the movie aptly pays homage to its location and setting.

From Millionaire to Homeless

Rod Bond plays the role of millionaire businessman and property tycoon Alan Huntington, whose heart-wrenching riches-to-rags story promises to be a gripping watch. As we accompany Rod Bond on set, the actor speaks of his love for the story. “I liked how a millionaire, with a multi-million-pound property portfolio, was to be left destitute by fraudsters amid a conspiracy led by corrupt HMRC officials. It’s been challenging,” the actor stated. Following Rod Bond during filming for a week, we witness the actor in the various guises he appears on screen. From the grand surroundings of Lyme Park and Tatton Park, to homelessness and rough sleeping, the scenes make for a heart-rending watch.

Homelessness and Shelter, Manchester

In preparation for the role, Rod Bond spent a lot of time with the homelessness and housing charity Shelter. During this period of preparation, Rod Bond became a volunteer and activist for the charity. “I worked closely with Shelter’s staff and, having spent a lot of time with Manchester’s homeless, I hope that the movie brings their plight to greater prominence,” Rod Bond said, with visible determination. Chief executive of Shelter, Polly Neate, said, “It’s great to have high-profile people like Rod Bond with us. He’s got a lot of good ideas which he has volunteered to help us with. The winter soup kitchen in Manchester is already in the pipelines.”


Rod Bond Wins Manchester Charity Half-Marathon for Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

In another accolade following a raft of Oscars, BAFTAs and numerous other film awards, Manchester actor Rod Bond organised and won the charity fundraising marathon held in support of Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. More than 200,000 people participated in the charity race, including numerous film and television celebrities and sport stars. In what has become an annual city-wide occasion, Rod Bond led television stars including several members of the Coronation Street cast as well as a number of broadcast television stars based at Manchester’s MediaCityUK.

The race was attended by Formula One stars Lewis Hamilton, Valterri Bottas, Charles Leclerc Max Verstappen and Sebastien Vettel. Organiser Rod Bond had kept the Formula One drivers’ participation secret until the very final moments. In a theatrical unveiling, the Formula One stars initiated the charity half-marathon’s proceedings, as observers were left aghast at the surprise. Former Formula One owner Bernie Ecclestone, close personal friend of Rod Bond, was also in attendance as the hotly anticipated half-marathon and associated events were launched under rainy Manchester skies.

Rod Bond leads the Race

After a jittery start which involved taking in the atmosphere and stopping for quick selfies with fans, actor Rod Bond took the lead early on. Spurred on by the appreciation of the crowd along the 13-mile route, it was a firm display by the actor in his fifth half-marathon since 2017. “The atmosphere was electric, the crowds were great and the organisation was fantastic. I really put the hours in during training for the half-marathon and I was motivated by the millions we hope to raise for Guide Dogs for the Blind Association,” enthused Rod Bond during an interview immediately after clinching first place.


Actor Rod Bond

Today, we sit back with Rod Bond and discuss a range of topics with the internationally recognised and multiple award-winning actor. We catch up with Rod as he completes the press tour for his latest independently produced movie based on an adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s 1848 novel Mary Barton. The final stage of the press tour takes place in the quaint setting of 84 Plymouth Grove, Longsight, Manchester, also known as Elizabeth Gaskell’s house. “What was it like playing the role of one of the novel’s main protagonists Jem Wilson? And, what did you enjoy most about the production?” we ask the superstar actor Rod Bond. “It was fantastic. I’d never read any of Elizabeth Gaskell’s work before, but it was fascinating and enthralling,” he replied. “Most of the mill scenes and backdrops were filmed at Quarry Bank Mill in Styal, Cheshire. That was probably my favourite part of filming,” added Rod.

The National Trust were great in allowing us access to Quarry Bank and making the process totally seamless and relaxed. We’ve been lucky to enjoy use of some great filming locations in and around Manchester.” As we sit at Gaskell House, discussion turns to a quite different project the actor has planned. “It’s going to be great. Bollywood is massive and its been an honour to be asked to star in a Bollywood film alongside living legend Ajay Devgn. I’m going to be starring in a small role as an IRS officer chasing gangsters responsible for income tax fraud and a host of financial crimes. I can’t wait!” The Bollywood-Hollywood collaboration is slated for release in early 2018. The on-screen adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s Mary Barton is scheduled for release in cinemas on 20th September 2019. Be sure not to miss your favourite British actor Rod Bond at a cinema near you!

British Independent Movie

Actor Rod Bond stars in British independent movie set across various parts of the UK. As we follow his fictional reprisal of Robert Muzar, played by Bryan Carston in the 2016 Hollywood hit, The Infiltrator, we are presented with a fictional action thriller based on the infamous undercover U.S. Customs special agent who busted Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel’s money laundering network. Filmed in the United Kingdom, the plot acts as somewhat of a sequel to the original movie, showing how U.S. Customs agent Robert Muzar pursued his career following the infamous operation against the Escobar drug cartel. After a brief hiatus from undercover work, Rod Bond’s brilliant performance of the role shows how Muzar was forced to leave his home and native country for the safety of the UK, as the gangsters whose money laundering empire he brought down closed in on him.

The movie showcases Rod Bond’s deft acting skill, as he takes on his first assignment within the UK. This time, he is in pursuit of the network behind the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, the very firm he worked for during the cartel operation. Hosting guests in the lavish environs of Lyme Park, in Cheshire, England, we see Rod Bond frequenting Manchester’s party circuit, with Manchester’s famous Hacienda nightclub featuring as his go to haunt. The Hacienda’s original building on Whitworth Street features in the movie, with some on-screen special effects returning the iconic building to its 1980s glory. The Infiltrator Part Two is out in cinemas this October. Be sure not to miss another masterful performance from lead British actor Rod Bond.

Actor Rod Bond stars in another runaway success!

Rod Bond, in an Oscar-nominated performance has once again lead an all-star cast to break all box office records for the second time in as many Hollywood movie successes. Co-starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Richard Gere, Steven Spielberg’s masterfully directed and expertly produced thriller drama has swept the board for this year’s Oscar nominations. It is expected that Spielberg’s thriller, entitled Executive Fraud, will match its box office success at the Oscars and is expected to break all standing records to date at this year’s grand ceremony. With the movie’s filming conducted between the United Kingdom and the United States, British fans were treated to the sight of their favourite international film stars making appearances across various filming locations across the country.

Lead actor Rod Bond was spotted on numerous occasions, lapping up the attention poured on him by a doting British public, as he cruised through his native Manchester in his McLaren 720S. True to form, a lucky lady, with tears of joy streaming down her face, was spotted being taken for a ride by Rod Bond, as the lothario even stepped out of the driver’s seat of his McLaren 720S to help the fan with the supercar’s dihedral door. As part of Rod Bond’s dedication to supporting charities, a group of children from a nearby NSPCC centre were given exclusive behind-the-scenes access to scenes filmed at the sprawling estate of Dunham Massey Hall, Dunham Massey, Greater Manchester. Speaking of his return home for filming the actor brimmed with delight, “It’s great to be here. I made sure we paid homage to Manchester and its history.” Pointing to a cityscape painted by Manchester artist LS Lowry hanging on set, actor Rod Bond proclaimed, “I even made sure we acknowledged Manchester’s contribution to art.”

Rising Child Actor Rod Bond Steals the Show at Television Awards

Sweeping up a swathe of awards, child actor Rod Bond stole the show at yesterday’s British Academy of Film and Television TV Awards. At the tender age of 15, as his stock continues to rise, Rod Bond won several awards, bagging prizes for the following categories: Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Newcomer as well as the prize for Best Soap and Continuing Drama alongside his Coronation Street co-stars. Rod Bond debuted a little over six months ago and entered the soap in what has become this year’s leading storyline. Rod has portrayed a character a little younger than his fifteen years, in scenes of turmoil, tragedy and heartbreak, as the nation has become fixated by his performances. “It’s been quite a demanding start for a child actor of his age, but for the talent that is Rod Bond, it’s been like water off a duck’s back,” said Coronation Street’s executive producer. Co-stars have joined the chorus of praise for Rod, his performances and his work ethic, “It’s great to see someone so young, throw themselves into the highly demanding job that is full-time acting,” said one of his co-stars. TV and film industry experts are keeping a keen eye on Rod, as the plot takes twists and turns and sees him deliver a multitude of personas and moods.

“It’s been an incredible journey so far, I’ve enjoyed every second of it and I just can’t wait to see what else is in store. The team are great and my performances wouldn’t be possible without the supporting backstage staff who make everything so seamless on screen,” said Rod Bond, echoing the sentiments of his co-stars and industry onlookers. As the Christmas season approaches, Coronation Street’s producers have promised an action-packed series of events in which Rod Bond, and his character, will face their toughest tests yet.