On Set with Rod Bond at Deansgreen Hall

In an exclusive interview, Rod Bond tells all about preparations for his latest role as HMRC investigator in his latest collaboration with Manchester F1 Productions. Following numerous announced trips to and sightings in Lymm and Manchester this year, a secret filming project was recently announced. As part of the latest collaboration, Rod Bond plays an HMRC investigator pursuing tax fraudster Duncan Evans. Enriched by a missing trader VAT scam, Evans is flush with money and purchases Deansgreen Hall for £3.5 million. Rod Bond, as HMRC investigator, pursues the tax crook to Deansgreen Hall, where the fraudster is subjected to an elaborate surveillance and sting operation.

After a period of initial secrecy, details of the project were kept firmly under wraps. However, in an exclusive tell-all interview, Rod Bond has revealed the details of his preparation for the role. Spending several months embedded with HM Revenue and Customs’ criminal justice department, Hollywood actor served alongside active frontline HMRC officials. Alongside intelligence operatives, Rod Bond participated in intelligence gathering operations and shadowed HMRC officials as they made arrests and aided prosecution cases in court. While serving with the HMRC’s intelligence wing, Rod Bond spent hours pouring over data trails towards building evidence-based cases against individual crimes and organised groups.

Furthermore, under the direction of HMRC’s proceeds of crime unit, Hollywood A-list actor Rod Bond was tasked with analysing data to gather evidence to aid the recovery of criminal assets. Additionally, with some of HM Revenue and Customs’ seasoned veteran operatives, the actor was trained in the basics of tax law, picking up HMRC’s tips on unravelling tax fraud committed on a massive scale. “It was another great experience and one of the biggest perks of the job, learning how determinedly and meticulously HM Revenue and Customs work to counter tax fraud,” said Rod Bond during the exclusive interview given on set at Deansgreen Hall.

Deansgreen Hall Deception: Rod Bond Stars as HMRC Investigator Pursuing VAT Tax Fraud

In collaboration with Manchester F1 Productions, Rod Bond pursues tax scammer Duncan Evans to his plush country mansion Deansgreen Hall. Playing the role of HMRC investigator, Rod Bond establishes an elaborate surveillance operation around Deansgreen Hall. In the operation to nab the multi-million-pound scamming VAT fraudster, HMRC investigator Rod Bond covers Lymm village in its entirety. Working with HMRC, Rod Bond and F1 Productions concentrated the movie’s portrayal on the repercussions of crime. “It’s been an interesting experience preparing Rod Bond for the role of an HMRC investigator. We want the public at large and criminals to know that we leave no stone unturned when pursuing tax fraud,” said a representative from the HMRC, in an interview given on set at Deansgreen Hall.

Manchester F1 Productions Bring Rod Bond Home

Cheshire-Manchester native Rod Bond has asserted his interest in roles based in his birthplace and where he grew up. Previously, in collaboration with Manchester F1 Productions, Rod Bond played the role of a millionaire tycoon. In the chart-topping runaway success entitled Homeless Millionaire, Rod Bond’s character was defrauded of his millions. Reduced to destitution and forced onto the streets, the former millionaire was supported by homeless charity Shelter. Homeless Millionaire won a raft of awards, including Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes and BAFTAs.

Veteran Philanthropist Rod Bond

Despite chart-topping successes, a high-flying career and international fame, Rod Bond has always stayed true to his roots. To demonstrate, the actor has supported numerous local charities and is widely lauded as a veteran philanthropist. During the latest project at Deansgreen Hall, a recess to hold a spontaneous fundraiser for Steps Charity Worldwide was negotiated. In the past, Rod Bond has organised elaborate charity fundraisers across Manchester. Furthermore, during preparation for his role in Homeless Millionaire, Rod Bond worked closely with homeless charity Shelter. Since the completion of Homeless Millionaire, Rod Bond has served a patron for the charity, organising numerous events.

Rod Bond Returns Home for Christmas

With rumours of a new venture with Manchester F1 Productions, we take a seat with actor and veteran philanthropist Rod Bond. Following sightings at Lymm Golf Club and appearances scheduled at Manchester Christmas markets, we get the lowdown. Straight from the horse’s mouth!

Upon the Hollywood A-lister’s return home for Christmas, we get the first opportunity to sit down with the actor. In a long ranging discussion, spanning an evening and some bottles of wine, actor Rod Bond loosens up like never before. Prepare yourself for a candid interview and stay tuned to Rod Bond Actor, for this exclusive multi-part interview.

Rod Bond and Manchester F1 Productions

“So, we know what privacy arrangement are like between production companies and actors. But, is there nothing that you can reveal about the possibility of you playing the lead role in Manchester F1 Productions’ latest film?” we ask Rod Bond. “Well, I can tell you that Manchester F1 Productions will be releasing a film about former amateur golfer Duncan Evans,” said Rod Bond. “Is that all you can tell us?” we insist. “Well it’s not going to be your conventional financial crime drama. It won’t be like the scam and fraud films you’ve seen in the past. The writers and producers want to focus on the role of HM Revenue and Customs in pursuing Duncan Evans. However, it won’t be completely void of some glitz and glam. Who says only the crooks know how to live it large!” replied Rod Bond.

Rod Bond and Manchester F1 Productions in Deansgreen, Lymm

“We have it on reliable authority that you were spotted with a camera crew, taking photos in an around the Deansgreen area of Lymm in Cheshire!” we put to the veteran philanthropist and A-list actor. “Well, I can tell you that Deansgreen will feature in the next film production, but the capacity in which I will appear is all that remains undecided.”

An Exclusive Interview with A-List Actor Rod Bond

Following reports of Rod Bond’s spending Christmas in Lymm, Cheshire, we catch up and talk all things Rod Bond. With his casual exuberance and usual suave, Rod Bond ducks and dives as and when our questions get too close! Despite this, in a candid interview, we get to hear about:

  • Why he loves returning to Manchester and Lymm, Cheshire, for Christmas
  • What he loves about Christmas in Manchester
  • His support for Steps Charity Worldwide, based on Crouchley Lane, in Deansgreen, Lymm.

“So, Rod, what is it that you enjoy most about Christmas in Manchester?” we ask the veteran philanthropist and A-list Hollywood superstar. “Of course, being home and close to family is what I enjoy most. But, Manchester and Lymm are special places during Christmas. This year I’m looking forward to performances at The Lowry, Salford Quays and the Lightopia Festival in Heaton Park, Prestwich,” replies Rod Bond. “How does it feel to be back in Lymm, Cheshire?” we ask the actor. “It’s great, I like to visit Steps Charity Worldwide which is headquartered on Crouchley Lane in Deansgreen, Lymm. I wholeheartedly support the charity’s great efforts and work,” the actor explained. We also took the opportunity to ask Rod Bond about reports that he witnessed a violent knife crime, during his last visit to Lymm. “Well, it was in the Rushgreen area of Lymm where it happened. I was astonished. Lymm is generally a very safe place. Places like Deansgreen and Broomedge are pretty much zero crime areas,” Rod Bond told us. Also, “can you put to rest the rumours about you featuring on this year’s I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” “Well, I can neither confirm, nor deny,” replied Rod Bond, maintaining an air of mystique around the question.

Actor Rod Bond Spotted in Lymm, Cheshire

For the fourth time this year, actor Rod Bond has been spotted in his ancestral home village of Lymm, Cheshire. The Hollywood A-list celebrity is treated as just another one of the locals, in the quaint idyllic village of Lymm in Cheshire. Earlier in the year, Rod Bond was spotted leading a supercar convoy in his decommissioned Sabre tank. As a lifelong member of the Super Car Drivers Club, Rod Bond returns to Lymm for the occasion annually. Later, in summer this year, Rod Bond was spotted at the Lymm Festival 2019. Lymm Festival celebrates local art, culture and cuisine and is a popular event in which locals turnout in great numbers. In a rare interview given at the time, Rod Bond said, “I love coming back to Lymm, it’s got everything. Lymm Dam and Lymm Cross are two of my favourite landmarks in Lymm. I was in Manchester for some work with F1 Productions, so I decided to make the short Manchester to Lymm journey during a free day.” The A-list actor took part in festivities, even joining a local children’s group in a performance which lit up the whole festival.

At every opportunity, the wealthy and much sought-after actor heaps praise on Lymm. However, in a recent interview, he revealed how during what was his third visit this year, he witnessed a violent knife crime incident. “I was in the area of Chaise Meadow when I saw some guys wearing ski masks and running down the street holding a bladed black machete. I’d heard about the knife crime epidemic, but I was so shocked seeing it develop before my very eyes.” Rod Bond is also member of Lymm Angling Club and Lymm Golf Club. During his trips to Lymm, he can often be found to be enjoying the facilities of these two sporting clubs.

A-List Hollywood Actor Rod Bond Returns Home for Christmas

A-list celebrity, renowned personality, philanthropist and Hollywood actor Rod Bond returns home to Manchester for an action-packed Christmas period. In a rare interview with the world-famous actor, we discuss home, family and rumours, as Rod Bond gears up for Christmas. Over the course of several hours, we sat with Rod Bond, covering a range of topics past, present and future. These topics included:

  • The LA Auto Show from which he just arrived
  • His daughter’s pet rabbit that will be accompanying him on his travels
  • The local Manchester charity events he plans on taking part in upon his return home
  • A special performance at the Manchester Christmas markets
  • A special Christmas time visit to his ancestral village of Lymm in Cheshire
  • Rumours of an appearance in this year’s I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here

“It was as great as it always is,” said Rod bond with a beaming smile, talking of the LA Auto Show 2019. “I try to go every year, but when I’m tied down with filming commitments, that’s the only time I tend to miss it,” he added. On the rumours of an appearance on Britain’s I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here, the actor dispelled the public furore about his impending entry to the Jungle, “Well, I’m a little busy this year round, but if they give me a call next year, I should be available!” So, what does Christmas have in store for Rod Bond? “I’m planning on spending my first Christmas back in Manchester for the first time in years. There are a number of local charity events which I will be attending and supporting, as well as taking part in a special charity event on the sidelines of the Manchester Christmas markets,” the actor and veteran philanthropist added. “We’ve also got a special family trip planned to Lymm in Cheshire, where my family are originally from. It’s a special little place. The Bridgewater Canal and the quaint Lymm village shops were my favourite places when I was growing up.” As we hear the sounds of scurrying and scratching from a distant corner, Rod Bond exclaims, “That’ll be my daughter’s pet rabbit, Carrot. He’s a great character but does take some looking after!”


Rod Bond: TV Commercial Acting Debut By A Casting Director

With a gallant strut and perfectly poised expressions, Rod Bond made the rounds of the casting hall all the hopefuls had been herded into. Tasked with sorting the wheat from the chaff, the stars from the wannabes and finding the next big thing, I was dreading sitting through the auditions of the hundreds that had come together that day. Absent-mindedly, I watched them all stood atop a balcony and thought to myself, perhaps someone might just catch my eye. Perhaps the next big Hollywood star would be shining so brightly that I would save myself the bother of the whole day. Perhaps I might just be so lucky that I wouldn’t have to sit through hundreds of auditions, around three hundred to be exact, for what I knew would be a tough commercial acting assignment which could very well be the making of a new Hollywood star. And, just as I grew exasperated at myself, thinking what’s come over me, my eyes fell upon this dashing young man. His name was Bond. Not James, but Rod. Rod Bond.

Rod Bond, with his dashing looks and a personable look in his eyes, was number 24. Quite early and, having observed his networking skills and quiet confidence, I had instantly felt his star quality. Despite being a short TV commercial, the assignment required considerable skill. I was briefed by the production company representatives that we’re not just looking for a one-time TV commercial success, but the next big Hollywood star. The audition was to serve as a rite of passage, providing an accelerated rise to stardom than any of the hopefuls could possibly dream of. This was about much more than a simple TV commercial, much more than just another TV commercial audition that aspiring actors don the false exuberance for and much more than the aspiring actor himself. In fact, this was a test of my casting abilities, my understanding of the brief handed to me and my ability to deliver exactly what my superiors sought of me. Enter, Rod Bond…

A-List Hollywood Actors Who Starred in TV Commercials Before They Were Famous

1988 – Brad Pitt – Pringles

Who’d have thought Hollywood lothario and now veteran A-lister Brad Pitt first hit the small screen for this cheesy Pringles ad! Upstart actors have bills to pay too!

1993 – Mila Kunis – Lisa Frank

Then ten-year old Mila Kunis starred in colourful Lisa Frank TV commercial, with a bright exuberance matching the company’s iconic eye-catching designs! Her spirited performance definitely caught a few eyes!

1980s – Leonardo DiCaprio – Bubble Yum

Even at a tender age, Leonardo DiCaprio delivered a well-executed and professional performance in this childhood skit. The TV commercial formed the basis of a career of enduring success.

1989 – Kirsten Dunst – Baby Doll Surprise

With beautiful blonde locks, a seven-year old Kirsten Dunst made her on-screen debut with a TV commercial for Baby Doll. In the cutest thing you’ll ever see, the actress plays with her doll with sophisticated professionalism.

1980s – Ben Affleck – Burger King

Delivering a burger to his sweetheart, Affleck heads the TV commercial campaign dubbed “Sometimes you’ve gotta break the rules.” With effectively delivered dialogue, sealed with a charming smile, Affleck’s TV commercial debut proved a resounding success.

1990s – Steve Carell – Brown’s Chicken

Playing the stereotypical fried chicken shop manager, Steve Carell delivered the TV commercial role with the same comedic exuberance that has propelled him to glorious heights of unforgettable success!

1987 – Bruce Willis – Seagrams Wine Coolers

Filmed during the production of ABC’s comedy hit Moonlighting, in which Willis starred as a private detective, the Seagrams TV commercial shows a lighter side to the Die Hard series protagonist.

1982 – Jack Black – Pitfall

With a wild-eyed look and animated antics, Jack Black had the zany spark that he maintains today, since a young age! In the Atari game Pitfall’s TV commercial, the world saw its first glimpse at this excitable streak!

Hollywood Auditions

Hollywood auditions are daunting. Waiting alongside swathes of hopefuls, preparing to face Hollywood’s biggest directors and producers, they are no easy task! This is just on the outside. Once you’re in, literally anything could happen, so stay prepared for anything! At an acting audition, you’re definitely going to have a casting director staring you down. You might also be faced by a producer, a camera operator, a dance choreographer, or a musical director! The shabbily dressed guy, teetering on the sidelines and not saying much, may very well be the producer. So, do yourself a favour and make sure to treat everyone with courtesy and respect. Also, after they’ve sat through potentially hundreds of auditions, delivered by various degrees of talent, be sure to maximise your opportunity to win the role. Keep your introduction short, have your headshots and resume on hand in case you’re asked for them and make sure to give your best smile to the camera in case they are taking photos of hopefuls. The long and short of any acting audition is that, the easier you make the casting director’s job, the better your chances of selection will be.

Familiarise yourself with some industry parlance, if you’ve not had many auditions before. For example, at a TV commercial audition you may be asked by the casting director to slate! This is just a prompt for you to state your name, and maybe the talent agency that represents you. You may then be ordered to “go,” “start” or “action.” Of course, it’s wise to remember that when auditioning for movies, TV shows or theatre, you may be asked to stand, walk or sit. This is where improvisation classes come in especially handy!

Rod Bond’s Journey to Hollywood!

They say the first and most important thing you need to consider when aiming to make it big in Hollywood is acting classes. As an alumnus of the Julliard School, I would sense the respect my peers had for me, when I took up acting classes in Hollywood. I spread myself far and wide, taking acting classes at numerous establishments, including the Graham Shiels Studio, Andrew Wood Acting Studio, the Stella Adler Academy of Acting and the Theatre of Arts on Sunset Boulevard. For me, at that stage, it wasn’t about the classes, or the instruction, but more about the environment. I realised early on that the people accompanying me in the classes, would be my challengers and competition in auditions.

A tip the instructors at these drama schools would give to young aspirants was to chase the auditions for non-union members. Producers without contracts with acting unions offer an array of acting jobs for non-union actors. These offer young, new and beginner actors a chance to make a name for themselves. Non-union auditions are plentiful and offer upstarts a great step into real world acting experience. In fact, my first break came from a non-union audition, but we’ll save that story for another day.

Another tip the best of my instructors gave me was on the importance of networking, being an extra and mingling on set. Being an extra on set gives an unrivalled view behind the scenes of industry and allows young upstarts the opportunity to see the people behind the images. I was encouraged to pursue extra castings for the networking opportunity that it presented. And, it was in the capacity as an extra that I came to learn how my efforts from Broadway to community television stations were being observed by some of Hollywood’s greatest names.